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Organic results are based on algorithms of search engines able to find sites (web sites) associated with the search terms the investigator.

The paid listings are based on registration of paid advertisers to display the web site to the search engine visitor-investigator.

Paid Search marketing

Paid Search Marketing (paid listings or sponsored links - sponsored listings) is an alternative way of reaching the public through search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or (Search Engine Positioning - SEP) is to build a web site so as to obtain the best results (highest ranking) by the algorithms of search engines (search engines).

A search engine like Google, apply software algorithms to determine exactly what page of results given should be assigned a specific page of a website.

The SEO based solely on designing a website to face the criteria of search engines on the classification and sequence of occurrence.

While many of the criteria of search engines can be met with careful management of content (eg amount of information, frequency, keywords and so on) others such as links from other web sites are not so easy to achieve.

Choose right keywords (Keyword Research & Analysis). The correct selection of appropriate keywords is crucial. A successful website must be optimized to the selected keywords and friendly search engines.

Search engines are interested in "rich" and frequently updated content. A strategy for securing and developing new content is essential both to ensure high posts and to the satisfaction of your visitors.