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The Brand

The development of the brand name and corporate identity are two of the most important services of branding. The first ensures you a picture, a reference point for your business and the second highlights it.

We undertake to create a fresh image, simple, accessible, easy to remember and especially as serious as the actual impact of the internal substance of your business.

The Web

Our websites are better because we write code that observes the standards of the Internet (Web Standards). That means that your site is quickly displayed on screen and looks the same in all browsers. Your site is accessible to everyone and not exclude people such as elderly and disabled. Finally, your website creates a solid foundation and is based on good architecture, that it is easily scalable to enable it to meet future needs.

As such, website specifications developed by Meenix are accompanied by a series of easily-referenced-schematics consisting of the sitemap, wireframes and flow diagrams of key functionality. It is at this point that we decide the success criteria that will measure return on investment post-launch.


By dialing 'Usability' we describe all those features of a website that make it is easy to use, relaxing and effective because it gets to inform and promote the identity, products and services.

The main purpose of this service is in the same time, to grow the time spent in a website (time on site) and buying public in conjunction with user-friendly environment to help easily be bought.

The simplicity in the design of a website, the planned information architecture, perfect location for content, photographs and multimedia, and the purity of the messages your site will encourage them to turn a visit to a conversion. It will lead customers, to the next step that you want. That could be to purchase from your online store, read news and articles or contact you by filling out a form of motivation for further cooperation.