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Reverse SEO can be used to remove from the first results page, negative publicity that targets your company in Search Engines.

By sending bad press onto the second and third pages of Google, those pages will be prevented from gaining attention. It's important to mention that the bad effects of negative press are devastating and that reverse SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you manage your Online Reputation Management.

An unsatisfied customer, can create calamity for your brand by spreading deceptive stories or just his opinion of poor service or bad experience with your brand. In a same way, one sacked employee can anonymously reveal a string of damaging informations. If such stories and informations are just told to another person, their effects are temporary and limited to spread. But if they are published online and receive exposure in Google, they can create calamity for your business.

By using our service for Reverse SEO, in a few months the results for your brand searches will be clear of negative publicity. Please contant us to learn more