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People nowadays are exclusively using web 2.0 applications like blogs, instant messaging platforms, social networks like facebook or twitter, video broadcasting platforms like youtube or vimeo, image galleries and more to collect information about your brand. As you can also understand, the content others may produce about your brand might hurt it’s reputation, or may guide customers decision on the interactions (buy, gift, engage, love) with your brand. How is yours brand online reputation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People’s research on products online, begins with a quick view on some of the most known search engines. The reason we use the SEO as a reputation management tool is to position to the top search results, positive information about your brand or your brand’s community. By placing the positive results higher on the search engine results, we removing the negative comments away from the high positions.

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Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing is the fastest tool we use in order to settle down the reputational crisis. By setting up a Paid Search campaign we combat the negative sentiment around the online community in order to settle down the crisis and in a combination with SEO and Social Media Marketing to eliminate it.

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Social Media Marketing

After many years of controversial aspects, social internet is here and social media are the place that disappointed customers can complain for your brand or malicious attacks is possible to appear and hurt your brand.

We identify the most relevant reviews with negative sentiment, we note them down and interact, we engage the influencers and we creatively guide the conversation to your benefit. We finally monitor and gather both positive or negative sentiment feedback for you, in order to change for the better.